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Linkkcore is a consulting company that specializes in services for entrepreneurs, startups and small businesses.

At LINKKCORE, our mission is to deliver effective and efficient business solutions with integrity. We are dedicated to providing you with professional, affordable and superb services; and strive for 100% satisfaction.

Our services include helping clients to start their own businesses, product branding, launching, eCommerce, marketing, website development, and graphic design.

The company was founded by D. Robert who was inspired by her mom’s relentless attitude in her designer business. Robert has a passion to help others and was lead to start her own consulting and eCommerce businesses. She began her career working with educational institutions, after which she transitioned into the financial institution, her church, and small businesses. With a master’s degree in Human Resource Development coupled with her experience in network marketing, organizational management, managing several small businesses and being professionally coached by branding experts who have generated over $12 Million in sales, she brings her God-given talents, expertise, and experience to help those looking to start their own business and provide solutions and ideas that propel opportunities to an established business.

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